Sunday, March 18, 2012

Left Channel Head To Giantland

Coming straight from left field, out of nowhere, armed with more samples, and records than they can carry comes Left Channel. This duo simply known as Anthony and Stuart create music utilizing turntables, samplers, tape recordings, and found sound. The result of their efforts is the Giantland EP which is a sliced, diced, chopped, and spliced record that's pieced together with random sounds and samples from everywhere. The whole thing sounds like a nightmare come to fruition and there's enough sound weaving in and out of your speakers to almost give you a migraine.

Giantland is crazy stuff that's not really too song oriented but more sample centered. The sounds and samples shape everything Left Channel does and it's a crazy head trip that probably sounds amazing in a set of headphones. This is abstract experimental music that might strain the tolerance of some while fascinating others. If you like strange sounds and even weirder songs, then tune in to the Left Channel and have a walk around Giantland.

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