Sunday, March 18, 2012

Moonlight Bride At Twin Lakes

Straight out of Chattanooga, Tennessee comes the most un-southern sounding band around...Moonlight Bride. Sounding as if they were dumped out of a time warp from 1992 into the heart of the Bible Belt, Moonlight Bride embrace their inner Brit(as one would do) and turn up the distortion pedals to shoegaze overdrive. Sounding like Swervedriver with a bit of an American accent, this power trio is clearly a fish out of water.

Their latest EP Twin Lakes is a quiet/loud affair with guitars constantly being rang, choked, and played to their maximum while distortion clouds the band's songs and creates a sheet of joyful noise around them. Twin Lakes is awesome stuff that fully embraces the gazing aesthetic and shuffles along while relying on distortion to carry the band to poptopian heights. Thankfully, the band also realizes that all the distorted bliss in the world can't compare to a good song and as a result they tap into a reservoir of pop sensibility that allows the five songs here to stick with you.

Unfortunately short at just five songs Twin Lakes is a very good post-gazing retro-futurist blast of noise. Moonlight Bride bear hugs the quiet/loud dynamic and rides it like waves across each song. Mellow parts give rise to loud guitar wipeouts while whispers become loud melodies. It's all very good stuff and this is one bride you don't want to have cold feet with...Moonlight Bride is worth the commitment.

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