Sunday, March 18, 2012

Dustin Wong Dreams, Say, View, Create

Dustin Wong's new album Dreams Say, View, Create is a classic in the making. This instrumentalist harks back to the days of musicians exploring their instrument and finding sounds that normally wouldn't be made with their respective instrument. The results were often wondrous, expansive records that were imaginative, pastoral, and utterly gorgeous. The same can be said of Dreams Say, View, Create.

Dreams Say, View, Create is a sprawling, epic record that's sixteen songs long and whose songs are inspired by actual dreams and the imagination that secretly goes into every one. Using a whole host of sounds, effects, and techniques Wong creates songs that will remind many of old Robert Fripp and David Sylvian albums. Dreams Say, View, Create is artistically creative, technically proficient, and ridiculously pretty sounding. Wong's craftsmanship and ability to play his guitar in a variety of ways allows this record to literally spread out all over the place. His delicate riffs, strange sounds, and manipulation of his guitar is truly impressive and a far cry from his other work in indie rock.

Dreams Say, View, Create is beyond impressive. Dustin Wong has created a playground for his guitar and his mind and he allows both to run free on Dreams Say, View, Create. This is an ambient masterwork that's not too far shy of some of the more impressive works in the genre. His ability to create an atmosphere while still utilizing song structures is impressive and Dreams Say, View, Create succeeds as a result. Dreams Say, View, Create is a vast record that's perfect for a sunrise or falling asleep too and it's a wondrous work of what a guitar can do.

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