Sunday, March 18, 2012

Neverever Shake-A-Baby

Straight out of California comes the band lost within a time warp; Neverever. Their latest EP Shake-A-Baby is a throwback kind of record that brings to mind classic 50's pop that's sweeping, dramatic and heartbroken and hints of early rock n' roll and rockabilly. It's all very vintage and lush sounding and vocalist Jihae sounds so much like Doris Day at times you'd swear it was her. If you can imagine Doris Day fronting the Raveonettes you kind of have a vague idea of where Neverever are coming from.

Consisting of five songs their latest EP, Shake-A-Baby is a retro-tinged pop record that's filled with swingin' rhythms, soaring vocals, and melodies that are hard to forget. They don't make pop music like this much anymore and it's fantastic that Neverever plan on never ever forgetting the sounds of past while reshaping them for the future. If you like your songs with a bit of an oldies vibe and just enough rock and roll you'll love Neverever and everything they do. The past hasn't sounded this good since 1958.

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