Thursday, August 7, 2014

Vampires Are Real And Palpable Is Just Bad

Oddly named band, Bastards of Fate set out to make the darkest pop album of all time with their latest release Vampires Are Real And Palpable. I'm not sure if they made the darkest pop album of all time, but they did make one un-listenable racket. Geez, Vampires Are Real And Palpable is horrible. It's like what would have happened had David Bowie been wasted the entire decade of the 70's and forced to record in a suburban flat in Sheffield.

Vampires Are Real And Palpable is a mess of disjointed melodies, broken songs, and a whole lot of atonal noise. I'm not really sure what this record wants to be or what the Bastards of Fate were hoping to convey here except that aspirin might be necessary to make it through. For every ten or twenty seconds you give this record a chance of redeeming itself there are three to four minutes of dissonance. Vampires may be real but after listening to this record they'll be begging you to drive many, many stakes through their hearts.

Sorry guys maybe I don't get the joke...but listening to Vampires Are Real And Palpable is a fate worse than death.


  1. I bet you aren't a Keiji Haino fan either.

    1. Can't say I'm a fan of the free improv, voices from the beyond sort of thing. But, as someone once said, "Diff'rent strokes for diff'rent folks." That's what makes music fun.