Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Leticia Rodriguez Garza Remembers Family On New EP

Leticia Rodriguez Garza's latest record is a beautiful little EP by the name of Saguita al Bate. Inspired by family, the record features the songs of her aunt Eva who happened to be one of the first bilingual artists to have mainstream success. In fact, the title track of the record was one of her aunt's greatest hits and Leticia has made it a beautiful tribute to her and her legacy.

Saguita al Bate is a gorgeous and lush record of laid back cumbia/salsa vibes with other Latin flourishes finding there way into the songs throughout. From horns and masterful accordion work to jazzy piano runs and virtuosic guitar playing the record is littered with stunning musicianship and the sultry singing of Leticia layered on top. Saguita al Bate is a tapas sized entry of tunes that's the perfect holdover until Leticia can complete work on her next album due in 2015.

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