Sunday, March 3, 2013

Good Field Are Unassumingly Good

Good Field are one of those bands that just happened to send me their record sight unseen without any information. So outside of the fact that their name is Good Field I know nothing about them (and no...I didn't go online). Their self-titled album is an unassuming thing that's neatly packaged in bright colors of paint and seems bursting with energy. On the inside, or the music itself, Good Field sound something like Spoon meets a jolly Kings of Leon. It's all very moody and smoky but has this hidden pop sensibility about it that makes the thing exceptionally listenable.

The record is impressive and the band's lackadaisical moodiness really contribute to what makes this record click. It's got this lazy nearly countrified vibe about it that seems in no hurry to go anywhere fast. As a result songs tend to meander like a rolling stream through the woods on a crisp cool day. They seem to plod along with this kind of lazy subdued pace that's almost therapeutically soothing. The songs are seemingly fragile and feature all kinds of instrumentation that are built around the hazy and half awake vocals that hold it all together. There's a lot of depth and texture on this record without a lot of additional frills which is impressive considering that Good Field is a dynamic duo.

Good Field were a nice, unexpected surprise. While I wish I knew a bit more about them I'm just happy to have this countrified pop treat in my possession. Sometimes good things do come in small packages!

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