Saturday, March 30, 2013

Cherie Lily Works Out Til Dripping Wet

Cherie Lily is a fitness instructor who takes her art, or exercise, so seriously she writes her own music for her work outs. It's a bit unusual to say the least but it explains why she's wearing a leotard on the cover of her EP, Dripping Wet. That aside, I'm sure the question you are undoubtedly asking, "That's great but is it any good?" Well, that's a good question and when you think about what these songs are probably used for...yes. If you think of it as straight ahead dance music well then it's as cliche as it comes and the whole thing reeks of something straight out of an American Apparel assembly line.

Dance music in work outs is supposed to motivate, energize, and pump you up and Dripping Wet does exactly that. It's all high energy stuff with pounding beats, motivational lyrics (albeit in a sexual way), and hooks that would seem to be totally in sync with some sort of exercise class. It's not bad for what it is...stereotypical dance music. But that being's just packed to the brim with cliche's. Let's see...Sexy girl in leotard, check, picture of cleavage on the cover, check, the name Dripping Wet, a sound similar to a modernized C&C Music Factory, check, high energy fist pumping beats with build ups that are straight out of dance music 101, check. It's all here and as a stand alone dance music single it's hard to not to listen to this record with a grain of salt. I mean for the love of God, there's songs called, "Lotion," and "Get Sweaty." Yikes. Now, in the context of something to do the Insanity program to, this is PERFECT. I mean the song, "Total Body Workout," is so motivational it'll make your muscles sore from just listening to it.

Cherie Lily is undoubtedly talented; from exercise to choreography, writing music and rocking the dance floor Cherie has seemingly got it all covered. While Dripping Wet is a mixed bag from a pure dance music perspective her ability to motivate and create music to get healthy to is awesome. I enjoyed Dripping Wet. It is what it is and it makes no bones about it and you can't hate something for at least being honest. If you're looking for motivation and pumping beats next time you want to work out...pop this record on and you'll be Dripping Wet.

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