Saturday, March 30, 2013

Birds and Arrows and Coyotes

Birds and Arrows are a Chapel Hill/Durham NC trio that play folk music. They are rustic, backwoods, folksy and truth be told rather boring. Their latest album Coyotes is a pastoral, quiet, strummy thing that has absolutely no verve to it. It's three people, acoustic instruments, some songs and that's it.

I'm not a fan of this genre at all and Coyotes made me want to howl like one as I begged for mercy. I wanted to like this record because the first tune, "Firefly," was actually pretty decent in a bedraggled lovelorn ballad kind of way. I thought to myself, "Hmm...there's actually some potential here." Then by the third song I was done. When, "The Rest Of Your Life," started and seemed to just be a girl and something being strummed in an altogether too earnest manner I had difficulty listening to the record. I'm sorry, I think I'm too hyper for music like's just so slow and so meandering and so serious that it gets annoying.

Folk to me is like being behind the guy who does 45 mph in the fast lane of the interstate. Slow, annoying and mind-numbing. It stresses me out and I need to listen to something like Morbid Angel to reaffirm my belief in music. Life is miserable, we get it and we've all had our hearts broken...I just don't want to get mired down by it and wallow in it. Just move on. Please. Heck even the kings of mope, The Smiths, had a sense of humour.

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