Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Thumpers Galore

To use an old Bambi-ism, listening to Thumpers may lead to a bit of Twitterpation. This raw worldly dream pop band blends shoegazing, chillwave, and indie pop into a seamless mix of nearly flawless pop that sounds like Sleigh Bells making love to the Cocteau Twins. Their album Galore is a stupendous effort that sparkles in the morning sun like dew on leaves in spring.

Throughout Galore guitars shimmer and phase shift, drums stutter and drive and vocals sigh and yearn. The whole thing is a breezy experiment that takes the best of 90's gazing and welds it with noughties shades of darkness to create a sound world that's an ethereal experience all its own. Galore is charming, catchy, atmospheric, and utterly gorgeous. The way Thumpers manipulate their guitars and vocals to create such guazy, glittery, and glistening music will melt your heart. Sure the hooks are huge and the songs are instantly hummable but the whole thing is like a edgy impressionist painting that uses short strokes of musical color to create a stunning and giant picture.

Thumpers have impressed the heck out of me, Disney reference aside. Galore is a mathematical equation solved with ease. It's a complex work of art that sinks into your subconsciousness and takes over. It's a modern, distinct, and a fantastic listen. It truly is a record that will leave you twitterpated and yearning for more. Well played Thumpers, well played.

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