Monday, February 24, 2014

Rafi el Brings Diversity to Ay De Mi

Rafi el is a bit of a journeyman who was born in Israel, raised in Los Angeles and reared by Argentine-Jewish parents. This diverse up-bringing ended up steering much of Rafi el's life musically and it's reflected on his latest album Ay De Mi. Steeped in the sounds of three separate cultures Rafiel was exposed to a multitude of musical variables that inevitably lead him to create a fusion of all three.

While utilizing his wide ranging musical influences to his advantage, Rafi el also used a modern approach to create Ay De Mi. This is a record that is packed with Latin grooves and what sounds like an interpretation of Baille funk, smashes them together and runs away with the combo. Ay De Mi is what Bonde Du Role would sound like if they had a budget and kind of knew what they were doing. Mixing Spanglish with electro to create seductive tunes much of this record is energetic, sexy and so irresistible that if it doesn't make something, anything, move in your body it's criminal.

Language barrier aside this is an album that knows hips don't lie and it's crisp beats, dirty synths, retro feel, traditional influences and California via Miami Bass vibe make it a spectacular listen. Ay De Mi succeeds thanks to a unique vision and talent that was raised to be different from the very beginning. It's an amazingly open minded record that's a reflection of just how diverse America is becoming.

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