Thursday, February 20, 2014

Lizzie Davis Navigates Latitudes

After years and years of just really horrible, cliche, moaning singer songwriters and really boring folk music the cream of the crop has slowly risen above the fray and survived the battle for originality in a sea of triteness. Among the more pleasant surprises of this group is Midwesterner Lizzie Davis. Her album, Latitudes, is filed with lilting melodies, warm guitars, and stirring keyboard work. It's those elements that makes Latitudes far from the ordinary acoustic record and Lizzie clearly has the knack for writing songs that stick out.

Sounding like Kate Nash if she were lost in a Target ad, Latitudes is nice stuff that rolls over you in a sensitive wave of gorgeousness that's both creative and captivating. Lizzie's unusual voice is her ace in the hole as it has this sort of creaky, cute, on the verge of tears thing that lends itself to rainy days, love letters, and romantic hugs in the electronics department. The melodies she manages with her voice are riveting and it all sounds so emotive and compassionate you'll find yourself clinging to the record cover in a slightly creepy way. The songs on Latitudes are mesmerizing without being overly complicated and when you combine all that with unique spin on vocals the results are a stellar effort that's far from the norm.

Latitudes is a heavenly effort that's well worth searching out. Lizzie Davis is a unique talent that has the gift of a voice most singer's would die for. It's timber, pitch, and brokenness sets it apart; the second you hear her you're caught in her web of emotion and off kilter melodies. Having spent time with this album I'm left wondering why, oh why, can't more singer/songwriters be like this? A world of Lizzie Davis' would truly be a wonderfully romantic (and potentially gut wrenching) world.

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