Sunday, February 23, 2014

Tacocat's NVM Is Amazing

Despite having one of the absolute worst names in all of pop music, Tacocat are anything but bad. In fact, their album, NVM is a fizzy, effervescent pop record that jolly, cuddly, cute and freaking awesome. Not overly complicated, it's simplistic approach and somewhat sloppy sound is what makes Tacocat so delightfully delicious.

Boy/girl vocals, power pop riffs, infectious choruses, garage rock grittiness it's all here and here in overstocked abundance. It's almost as if legendary Los Angeles band That Dog and Northen Ireland legends Ash had an illegitimate child, found out about it on Maury, and named it Tacocat. From the power pop fuzz of, "Bridge to Hawaii," to one of the more interesting anthems to Aunt Flow, "Crimson Wave," NVM is a garage indie pop classic. With bucket-loads of energy and songs that attach themselves to your brain like a parasite its simply impossible not to welcome Tacocat as your new best friend.

NVM is essential stuff and one of the best records of the year and we're only two months into it. Run out now, surf the crimson wave, build a bridge to Hawaii, do what you need to do...just get down to your record shop and buy this fuzz pop masterwork.

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