Sunday, February 23, 2014

Love Will Keep Us Together If We Yell For Help

Yell For Help's EP, Love Will Keep Us Together, is fantastically dirty electro influenced pop adrenaline. A bit MIA, Def Leppard, trip hop and everything in between this short four song record is sexy, aggressive and yet somehow beautifully constructed. It's quite good stuff that hits you hard right between the ears and leaves you stunned and craving more.

Unfortunately, when the synths fade out, the autotune bits stop, and the beats crash that's it. As unfortunate as that is, there is also no cover of the top 40 hit that made Captain & Tenille famous; it could have been amazing to hear a synth pop version of the saccharine 70's hit. Regardless of it's depressing duration and leaving off an opportunity to turn a classic upside down, Yell For Help have created a fantastically fun record with Love Will Keep Us Together and while it won't leave you yelling for help it will leave you yelling for more.

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