Saturday, February 22, 2014

Gem Club Dwell In Roses

Sparkling like a darkened jewel in the land of the depressed, Gem Club have emerged from an anti-depressant fueled coma to create one of the most interesting albums of 2014. It's not often a record brings me to tears but In Roses did. This is a gut wrenching, overwrought journey into ones soul that might be difficult for some to hear and experience but it's the sort of thing that everyone should. This is an album about confronting demons, emotions, being down, being up, finding the beauty in everything and learning to deal with sorrow, joy and the human experience.

Let's just put it this way, the first two songs on In Roses are so over emotionally rendered that I just started sobbing. Introspective, heartfelt and almost painful in a good way In Roses is the very definition of sad core. This is a tear jerker, this is the romance coming to an end, this is letting go of someone you loved, this is trying to put it all behind you and it's painfully gorgeous. This album is like listening to eleven break ups in a row. In Roses should really be called In Memoriam because of the overwhelming emotion this record is loaded with. The emotionality of the band just pours out of them into the songs and it will make your stomach twist and give you goosebumps.

With piano, cello, and broken vocals In Roses is an intimate and touching recording. Atmospheric, impassioned, poignant and moving In Roses is the kind of record that you can't help but just sit and listen to. Stunningly gorgeous, emotionally draining records like this haven't been made since 4ad were on top of their game. This is This Mortal Coil, Red House Painters, The Hope Blister, and anything with a heart smashed together to create something so staggering it's almost impossible to deal with. In two words In Roses is simply amazing.

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