Thursday, February 20, 2014

Peru Maravilloso Digs Deep For Vintage Treasure

Tiger's Milk Records presents Peru Maravilloso, is the direct result of many years of obsessively collecting Peruvian music. With a focus on 60's and 70's Latin and tropical sources this album features a selection of vintage cuts and unknown treasures from one of Peru's most exciting musical periods. This is a crate digging dream come true for rare Peruvian tunes and the album is teaming with vintage energy, vibrancy, and beauty.

While undoubtedly rooted in cumbia, guaracha and chicha Peru Maravilloso is also clearly influenced by soul-jazz, Latin-jazz, rock and psychedelia; you can hear this in just about every song here. It's energetic rhythms and endlessly fascinating structures are simply captivating. Multiple listens work their magic and reveal details and rhythms missed the first few go arounds; Peru Maravilloso reveals it's relevancy to the time by even including a Beatles cover. This is truly essential stuff for anyone who enjoys Latin-jazz or any of the other eight million other influences scattered throughout Peru Maravilloso. It's a wondrous experience to just sit and listen how sounds and influences convene in these songs from around the world; it truly proves that music is a global community and sounds from anywhere can be found everywhere.

Remastered from their original 7" and 12" formats the songs sound fantastic and this record marks the first time much of the material on Peru Maravilloso has been heard outside of Peru. This is classic and awesome stuff that's atmospheric and as vibrant as the era it came from. Well researched and pieced together with a lot of love and dedication Peru Maravilloso is a brilliant investigation into the sounds that steered a nation nearly fifty years ago.

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