Thursday, May 31, 2012

Bleeding Knews Club Have Nothing To Do

Bleeding Knees Club are not a roughed up thuggy hip hop group but rather a bunch of caffeinated suburban skate punks who have apparently fell one too many times. Sweet, fizzy, and full of energy this club is all about youthful innocence, teenage love, and hooks the size of California. Their album Nothing To Do is a masterpiece of garagey effervescent indie pop channeled through The Drums and a lexicon of surf rock. It's a mighty fine record to say the least.

With short but sweet songs and no more than three chords holding them together things are kept simple and stupendously catchy. There's nothing complicated about Nothing To Do and it doesn't even try to be remotely intricate. In fact Bleeding Knees Club, you suspect, would rather be doing 720 Olly's than rehearse so why make things incredibly difficult? My guess is that recording went something like plugging in, cranking it up, churning it out and then skate or die. Nothing To Do nonetheless is incredibly charming because its fizzy riffs, innocent sense of youth, and simplistic but effective approach. Think of it this way, if the Vivian Girls were teenage boys, they would be Bleeding Knees Club.

Nothing To Do is easily one of the coolest records I've heard this year. It's punky lack of effort and it's indie pop vocals combine to create a beast of a little record that's over faster than a Napalm Death album, Short, spunky, and spectacular one hopes that Bleeding Knees Club never grows up and that they always have Nothing To Do.

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