Sunday, May 6, 2012

Smian Ghost Are Youths

Simian Ghost might not necessarily be the best name for a band on the planet but thankfully this band of merry Swedes has the songs to back up their unusual name. Their album Youth is pop music as only a power trio of Swedes could play it; amazingly optimistic, bright, and exceptionally catchy. I'm not sure how it happens, but the Swedes are just able to crank out vintage sounding, brilliantly bright pop music in an almost assembly line fashion. Is there a template for this stuff that the rest of the world doesn’t know about? Do they take a class in school where every kid learns how to perfect the three minute pop song? Who outside of Sweden knows...maybe that is what the Girl With the Dragon Tattoo trilogy was really about?

Anyway, despite coming from someplace so frigid, bleak, and sparse Simian Ghost makes Youth incredibly upbeat, airy, jangly and expansive. This is a beauty of a record that's uncomplicated by excessive technology, production, or musical theories. Youth is seemingly three guys getting together, cranking up the tape machine and just having a right, good jangle. This is pop music girls frivolously skip to and the tunes the sun rises's warm, inviting, and hypnotizing. With plenty of British and Garfunkelian (yeah...that's a word???) influences taken and made their own Simian Ghost have done their darndest to hone their skills to a deadly point. They pretty much succeed because even at its most sparse the record is still beguilingly brilliant.

Youth proves ten times over that Simian Ghost have mastered writing songs that hit you square between the ears. This record is a pop feast of epic proportions and it never ceases being great. They might have a questionable name but let us never question their ability to create a good song because they've proven themselves worthy here. This is the sort of album that will give you a lift when you need it, get you on your way, and make you think positive thoughts and in this day and age...what more could you ask from a record?

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