Thursday, May 31, 2012

The Mowgli's Head To San Francisco

The Mowgli's are a California band who sounds remarkably like a west coast pop group similar to say someone like The Tyde. Bright, sunshiny, and brimming with optimistic pop hooks on a slightly laid back tip, The Mowgli's are living that Californian life. It's really no surprise then that their latest seven inch is titled San Francisco and while that's a bit more urban than their sound that sonic sentiment still pulsates through every song here.

Beautifully bright and incredibly catchy, San Francisco is an indie pop treat as big as the city itself. Complete with horns, piano, and sugary sweet melodies that are so laid back they're half asleep The Mowgli's still manage to leave you humming what you just heard and craving for more. With two upbeat tunes and one tender folky track San Francisco is like a perfect day capped off with a beautiful California sunset viewed from the Bay Area. San Francisco is a fantastic single and it's jangly, jolly pop will leave you itching for more from The Mowgli's and my guess is that's just the way they wanted it.

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