Sunday, May 6, 2012

Paradise Write A Diary Of An Old Soul

I'm not sure whatever happened to (International) Noise Conspiracy but I suspect that Portland based band Paradise might have taken care of them. While they may not dress as sharp as INC did and they may not be from the same punk/hardcore background as them but Paradise sure as heck sound exactly like them. It's almost frightening how close the similarities are...from a female farfisa player to the same garage rock grooves one might think that Paradise is INC in disguise. It's eerily similar stuff and their album Diary Of An Old Soul only serves to offer circumstantial evidence indicating that this may indeed be the case.

Firmly tapping into their inner Mod's Paradise creates farfisa driven garage rock that's groovy. Diary Of An Old Soul is loud, brash, energetic and really freaking good. The record is so rooted in 60's garage rock and sounds so authentic that if these guys aren't really INC they might just be the Sonics, Troggs, or something else that crawled out from a suburban garage circa 1964. Diary Of An Old Soul is a raw uncompromising but ridiculously fun record that shakes and shimmies it's way across it's eight songs. Garage rock doesn't get much better than this and listening to Diary Of An Old Soul is like spending a day in rock and roll Paradise.

Thoroughly modern, groovy, and rooted in the past Diary Of An Old Soul is a rough and tumble ride through the garage rock underground. Paradise kills it here and rock with a never-ending level of energy that's hard to slow down. These guys are awesome at what they do and they write such brilliant songs that it's almost like hearing a 60's utopian vision for what rock and roll should be. If it's not utopia at least it's paradise.

Sounding so much like the famous Swede's you'd swear they were them, Paradise have tapped into their inner Mod and come up with something so stupendously good it could only be a Diary Of An Old Soul.

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