Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Voltaire Twins Are Young Adults

The latest single from Voltaire Twins, is a discotastic dance floor monster. Residing somewhere between Ladyhawke, Club 8, and St. Etienne Voltaire Twins so effortlessly combines a strong pop sensibility with the ability to create grooves it's almost criminal. Their latest EP, Young Adult is extremely catchy, sensual, and opulent to the point where the songs are nearly blinding.

Unfortunately short at just four songs Young Adult is just about perfect and will leave you craving for more. With angelic vocals hovering over the candy coated synthetic grooves, the whole thing has a sweet, heartwarming, ethereal and otherworldly feel to it. In fact, it might just be that Young Adult is the soundtrack to the great big indie disco in the sky.

Deliciously danceable and delectably divine Young Adult is an absolutely brilliant record that you must hear and hear again. Voltaire Twins have done a fantastic job at whetting our appetites here, let’s just hope the next record fulfills our hunger.

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