Sunday, May 6, 2012

Bishop Morocco Are Old Boys

Bishop Morocco isn't actually a man but a Toronto based band that are seemingly influenced by the sound of Joy Division and the Stone Roses records. Their latest EP Old Boys is a sparse slightly ethereal record that's quite obviously rooted in late 80's British pop and is filled with enough introspection and contemplation to make me want to seek therapy. Slightly depressed but nonetheless fantastic, Bishop Morocco have fully embraced the aesthetic and approach of their heroes and created something that's as much of a homage as it is something their own.

At six songs the band has a little bit more room to explore their sound then they would on a single and this is a benefit to everyone because Bishop Morrocco is bloody fantastic. Old Boys is an airy minimalistic work of pop genius that's filled with vintage guitar textures, calculating vocals and a blast of jangly goodness that should never end. From the pre-shoegazing swirl of the title track to the downtempo ebb of, "City Island," Bishop Morocco has tapped into something so pure and so good that it makes Old Boys a mandatory repeat listen.

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