Sunday, May 6, 2012

Anchorsong Write Chapters

Anchorsong's album Chapters is so appropriately titled that it should either come with a book to go along with it or have a movie constructed around it. Residing somewhere between chilled house, acid jazz, and cop theme music Anchorsong create mini epics with each song they unleash and allow them to spread far and wide in their quest to set a mood. Mostly instrumental and filled with enough mysterious chilled grooves to make your imagination run wild, Chapters is a thoroughly enjoyable ride.

Chapters is an atmospheric thing of beauty that's intriguing, expansive, and well crafted. With song titles setting the stage Anchorsong set sail for adventure on every tune here and they crash through waves, sail quietly in the breeze, and arrive at a port of call called Mystery. From strings, lush synths, jazzy drums, deep basslines and not a vocal in tow Anchorsong relies on their diverse instrumentation to carry Chapters along. With highs and lows, ebbs and flows this is a record that uses everything at its disposal to create a unique sound collage that's as upbeat as it is downtempo and as lavish as it is breezy.

Chapters is a great work of imaginative music. Now all that needs to happen is to have it put to use on a bigger stage. Hollywood...we're looking at you. This is the perfect soundtrack to a movie not yet made. Anchorsong's ability to create ambient textures, compelling instrumentation and intriguing songs should make finding a Silver Screen home easy. Let's just hope it happens soon.

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