Sunday, May 6, 2012

Devin Therriault Is All About Romancing

I have to admit, I don't know a single thing about Devin Therriault. I’ve never heard of him and no idea where he came from, but then his album Romancing came across my desk and I was blown back about twelve feet. Wow. Devin is one heck of a power pop star. Fully embracing garage rock, the entire Supergrass discography, and 80's era power pop Devin Therriault dispenses high energy tunes as if he were a rock and roll pill mill.

Romancing is a spiky, melodic, jumpy treat whose guitar riffs are like bolts of lightning that fire out of Devin's fingers and hit you square between the eyes. So charged and so amped is this record that it's a whirl of activity, dance floor action and melodic mayhem all rolled into one. Every song here is played with massive hooks in tow, infectious guitars blazing, and drums that plough through it all at breakneck speed. It's truly fantastic groovy garage pop. At times Romancing sounds so much like Supergrass one can't help but wonder if Gaz isn't actually Devin Therriault in disguise. I mean, I've never seen the two together and it's like magic that Devin showed up. It makes you wonder.

Speedy, spiky, and addictive Romancing embraces power pop, 60's garage rock, and perhaps Gaz a little bit more than it probably should. Regardless, Devin Therriault has written a stupendously good record that rocks and rolls and moves your soul. This is how rock and roll should be played; with reckless abandon and nothing to lose. Edgy, fun, and so infectious you'll need a shot to recover from it, Romancing is the sound of power pop in the 21st century and it's in fine health.

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