Monday, May 7, 2012

Ninjasonik Uses No Swords Or Masks

Dubbed party rap by just about everyone Ninjasonik's new EP, No Swords Or Masks is essentially like listening to a series of un-released recordings from N.E.R.D. or So Solid Crew. Edgy, smart alecky, and laced with humor this is a record that's kind of designed as much for club play as it is for head phones. This is the sort of thing that sounds fantastic at 200 dB's or 20 and you can hear the subtly at work here if you actually sit and listen. It's pretty good stuff to say the least.

Ninjasonik throws pop culture references faster than a Nolan Ryan fastball and crunches beats together like an accountant on a tax deadline. It's feisty unusual sounding stuff that's close enough to Top 40 rap to latch on to but independent enough that it stays outside of the mainstream. Ninjasonik has found the perfect balance here and No Swords Or Masks benefits as a result. This is a record with all the frills of huge chart ruling rap but edgy enough to not let those frills kill the beats and keep the songs humorous and just dark enough to be deadly. One thing's for sure, this EP might serve as an introduction to the world of Ninjasonki but it hints at something sinister and stupendous yet to come.

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