Tuesday, May 29, 2012

The Elkcloner Creates Worlds

So what do you suppose a guy who writes music for Television, movies, and the like gets up to when writing music outside of his day job? Metal, jazz, classical? Oh no...He writes thematic music for an unscripted movie. The Elkcloner as he's known here does exactly that. Filip Mitrovic, to his friends, lets his imagination run rampant on the streets of Gotham and results of those rampages have become his album, The Elkcloner.

Expansive, experimental and a showcase of The Elkcloner's talents as a composer The Elkcloner is an incredible album that swerves between genres like a high performance auto. It's atmospheric and ambient one moment, jazzy and poppy the next. This is an album that's got more plot twists than a David Lynch movie and might even be more exciting. Inventive and out of the ordinary, The Elkcloner takes all that he knows from his career and uses it to his advantage on this album. Whether it's dramatic pauses or instrumentation, twisted vocals, or ethereal guitars Mitrovic doesn't turn anything away and his record is better because of it. Listening to this record one can't help but see how he would use these songs in a TV show or movie and if you let your own imagination run free you'll be taken on one heck of an adventure.

Original, strange, slightly demented and one of the most imaginative records to come across my desk in a while The Elkcloner answers the question what kind of pop music would a composer write if given half the chance. The Elkcloner tries everything here and succeeds in most instances. Honestly, that’s really nothing unusual because composers must be diverse in their approach to writing especially if it's for something visually oriented. Intriguing and atmospheric, The Elkcloner is a thrilling listen that needs a movie to go along its soundtrack.

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