Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Feedtime Get The Reissue Treatment

The history of grunge sort of officially starts here...and it doesn't even start in Seattle. Feedtime stumbled into the Australian scene long before Green River were even an idea and inadvertently became one of the most important bands to ever come from the Land Down Under. Unfortunately, so few people outside of Australia knew or know who they were that their credentials and records weren't appreciated or even heard until now. Thanks to the fine folks at Sub Pop the Aberrant Records era of this highly influential band is now available.

Consisting of four reissues from 1982-1989, the Aberrant years sees Feedtime cranking out the muddy punk metal influenced sounds that would make them a blueprint for things to come. Rough, raw, and stomping it's way through each of the reissues the band sound so far behind but so far ahead of the time it's frightening. It's all a bit shambolic and chaotic but amidst all that craziness is melodies, horns, and a pop sensibility that permeates itself in every song. This might sound like a train engine about to die, but it sounds like one with harmonies and hooks that make the ruckus memorable. For example, "Ever Again," from the suction LP is a raw, simple tune that's elevated with a little horn riff that's hard to get out of your head; it totally makes the song. And stuff like that is the joy of these reissues. There's nothing complicated here, it's just three guys out there making a racket and having fun doing it.

Feedtime pummel their way through the four albums that have been reissued and anyone with a desire to know more about what grunge was like before it was grunge or what the Australian scene was like before Jet came along would be wise to check this set of records out. Re-mastered from the original tapes and including rare single and compilation tracks as well as color booklets these reissues are something to treasure. Sub Pop has once again rescued something that was a hidden treasure and made it available to everyone. Nice work guys.

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