Monday, May 7, 2012

Mighty Mouse Heads Back To The Disco Circus

If you're old like me you totally remember Mickey's illegitimate non-Disney created super hero brother, Mighty Mouse. While I wasn't old enough to be around for the original run of the 'toon I do remember it as a kid and his ever famous saying, "Mighty Mouse is here to save the day!" Well that saying would seem to hold true for the producer who uses the same moniker as Mickey's brother. This superstar DJ loves to blend a bit of discotastic house with a bit of a psychedelic edge in his tunes in order to achieve regular chart appearances. With chart positions in hand and floor filling tunes in hand, Mighty Mouse aims to rescue us from a dull and meaningless musical life, he should succeed thanks to his just unleashed Disco Circus Volume Three.

Obviously the follow up to the first two volumes, Disco Circus Volume Three picks up right where he left off and packs as many slow motion disco, house, and whatever else he can find tunes on to two solid CD's. Clocking in at over two hours Disco Circus Volume Three is an epic disco journey down the river of sparkly, shiny, chilled beats, deep house grooves, and weird sounds that flow seamlessly together into the river of time and the dance floor of eternity. This is a fusion of disco past, present and future and it's fantastic.

Slowly building things up over the course of the mix, Mighty Mouse takes us on a journey through the space time continuum that will have you working the floor with reckless abandon. He's an awesome mixmaster and the thirty tunes he's selected for Disco Circus Volume Three are all big hitters, peak time performers and total tunes. Disco Circus Volume Three is an amazing mix and Mr. Mouse lives up to his motto of saving the day because he saves the listener from a perpetual dubstep nightmare. Disco Circus Volume Three is seductive, sensual, and stupendously good disco house mixed to perfection. In a world corrupted by tuneless dance music, it's nice to see Mighty Mouse bringing back the flavours of what made it all so good in the first place.

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