Sunday, May 6, 2012

I Am The Avalanche

When one names their band, I Am The Avalanche it's usually safe to assume that jazz, rhythm & blues, or classical music is not being played. However, if you were to assume punk rock you'd be exactly right. This grip it and rip it three chord pop punk band cranks up the amps, grinds out the riffs and screams its lungs out on its latest album Avalanche United.

Despite being cranked up to 11 and sounding as if their heads are about to explode I Am The Avalanche spew out enough melodies to sugar coat it all and make Avalanche United sound like a lot of fun. With a strong pop sensibility, a wry sense of humour, and an absolute mastery of writing short punchy tunes I Am The Avalanche invade your subconscious like a blitzkrieg. This is a rush of energy, a quadruple shot of caffeine straight to the heart and something that will leave you torn up, sweaty and exhausted but with a smile on your face.

These guys are exceptionally good at what they do. They take something as simple as a three chord punk rock song make the thing sound like every Epitaph band ever, Blink 182, and a sugar rush all at the same time. Avalanche United is a rollercoaster ride of riffs, screams, laughs, melodies, and songs that you can't forget. It's everything that pop punk should be and more. Avalanche United is such fun to listen to and so upbeat that if you don't start moshing in your living room and screaming along there's something the matter with you.

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