Monday, May 7, 2012

The Roommates Shack Up With Winnifred

Although The Roommates were a band that were supposed to exist as a limited proposition with extremely rare and limited records that no one would ever hear something went wrong along the way. Stumbling their way onto Slumberland Records, The Roommates, who literally were roomies, did the exact opposite and became a real band. The band piled the four songs they recorded rather ramshackle onto a seven inch for the label and have just released it. The Winnifred EP is a short but sweet record of garagey indie rock that teeters close to being power pop mod revival stuff but is just a little to brash and raw to fall into either of those camps.

That's ok though, because it doesn't matter, the Winnifred EP is still a fantastic little treat. While it might not exactly be a secret anymore, or a limited proposition its fare from mainstream pop success. This is rough around the edges, jangly, crunchy, pop-tastic rock and roll that's ridiculously catchy. Unfortunately short at just four songs (really two that take the four and cram them together) this is something to treasure and to thank The Roommates for because lord knows if we'll ever hear anything else from them again...or if they have their way anything we'll be able to find out about.

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