Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Elias Studies Fossils

Elias' new album Fossils is the kind of record that the word epic was made for. Some pop is big, some is small, some is happy, some is introspective and some take all that and craft it into something that truly is all encompassing and that's where Elias comes into play. Fossils is such a sprawling and varied record that it manages to absorb anything that gets near it and make it its own.

With a sound put together by famed producer Jeff Dawson (Marcy Playground) and the ability to take the familiar and make it sound unique, Elias clearly knows what to do to make pop songs sound utterly inescapable. Fossils is a great record that could very well give someone like Coldplay a run for their money. The songs are gigantic, far reaching, and emotionally charged and so easily remembered they make ABC's look like a doctoral thesis. Their guitars chime, their vocals soar and the rhythm section drives it all home with precision. Fossils is packed with ten of these anthemic and massive tunes and quite honestly there's not a bad one amongst the bunch.

Balancing the light with the dark, the introspective and the epic, Elias has tapped into some sort of masterful songwriting gift and made Fossils fantastic. This is a great record that makes no bones about its influences and its desire to be all conquering. This is an honest record that absorbs everything and makes it its own. Fossils is a master class on how to create the big rock song and then amp it up a notch; it’s the kind of class so many bands could benefit from.

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