Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Kiyomi Is Gets Playful

Kiyomi is a Japanese American singer songwriter whose name means pure beauty and whose music is a reflection of that. In fact, her album is a literal interpretation of the Japanese word ongaku, which means sound fun or comfort. That's pretty much Child In Me from the get go. As one might guess by that title Kiyomi's album is anything but a downtrodden walk through the dark side of her New York home.

Child In Me is a wondrous exploration of Kiyomi's youthful and playful side and see's her taking on songs from in all directions. From jazzy arrangements to crunchy rock and roll tunes and everything in between Kiyomi does it all. Thankfully, her voice is strong enough to allow her to carry the tunes no matter the direction she chooses to take them. I find she has a special quality with the more jazzy arrangements on Child In Me and her voice shines throughout each of these songs. In fact, it almost seems as though she was made to sing these kind of tunes as her voice soars in all the right places and hits all the high notes perfectly. It's gorgeous stuff that would fit perfectly in an intimate and dimly lit environment.

Child In Me is a really good record from a fantastically diverse vocalist that's able to take on anything that comes her way. Kiyomi has the vocal chops to pretty much tackle anything she wants to and while my personal preference is her jazzier side of things, she'd succeed anywhere her voice carried her. If you like breezy, upbeat, music with a bit of vocal fireworks you'll find Child In Me an entertaining record from an artist who has learned that an open minded singer songwriter is a successful one.

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