Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Sunmonx Consume Power Salad

The interestingly named Sunmonx are a dynamic duo hailing for Melbourne, Australia and have an interesting history. Originally from New Zealand and Mexico it's two members Opiuo and Albino, managed to find themselves in the land down under as an in-demand producer and DJ. Meeting in 2008 and recording their first ep by 2009, and their debut album this year the duo together create a laid back tapestry of sounds that originate within the worlds of blues, dub, funk, reggae, and ambient. Their even stranger named album Power Salad is a quintessential chill out album that crosses genres and worlds with relative ease.

Taking elements of dubstep, proper reggae, dub sounds, glitchy electronics, and loads of bass Sunmonx worship at the chapel of the slow motion dance floor and seem quite content to reside there for eternity. Power Salad is a thoroughly enjoyable album of deep dubbed out grooves, wobbly basslines, and sonic vistas that seemingly go on for ages. Sure the overwhelming influence of reggae shines through in just about every song here, but this is far, far away from being a reggae album; Power Salad has too much going on to be limited to just one genre. Tripped out, lost in the haze, and so laid back its hypnotic this is the kind of record that melts stress away.

Sunmonx are worthy of worship. Their soundscapes are epic and their record is amazing. Shaped by bass and dub, Power Salad is a cross continental, cultural, and musical exploration that stretches beyond time and space. I've heard the future, ladies and gentleman and it's played by monx...Sunmonx.

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