Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Bayonics Issue Their Mission Statement

When you come from a city like San Francisco you can't help but be diverse and that's exactly what Bayonics are...diverse. This group takes all kinds of urban sounds and combines them into a cool mix that's as cool as the fog rolling in over the Golden Gate Bridge. Their album Mission Statement is a modern funk album with elements of jazz, Latin, rhythm and blues, hip hop, and blues pulsating throughout. It's a fascinating record that keeps you guessing as to what the band is going to do next and how they're going to do it.

As if to prove that point the first two songs on Mission Statement are a cross continental journey through the sounds of salsa, jazz, Spanish hip hop, and rhythm and blues wrapped up in a slickly produced package that's very good. Mission Statement truly is a mission statement for Bayonics as their goal seems to be as open minded and diverse as the city they come from and the record is remarkably so. Horn sections come in from all sides, Latin percussion gets your feet moving, lyrics roll like the hills, guitars jam and the whole thing is a moving experience that can't stop. Mission Statement is a whirlwind of sounds, grooves, and vibes and it really does come at you from all directions; it's a strength here because it's a free floating kind of record that's loosely assembled and almost feels like the whole thing is some sort of jazzy hip hop improvisation.

Bayonics are excellent at what they do. They construct diverse, rich, and funky songs and have no problem cramming as much music as humanly possible into each one of them. Mission Statement is a loose, jammy kind of record that refuses to be pigeon holed and that's what makes it so entertaining. Anybody that can keep you guessing throughout the course of an hour long record clearly is doing something right and while you can spot their influences it’s what they do with them that makes these guys amazing. Mixologists and musicians of the highest order, Bayonics have successfully achieved their Mission Statement.

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