Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Metronomy Unleash Unreleased Remixes

How do you make something that's already pretty good better? Well, you have it remixed of course! And that's exactly what Metronomy has done with their mega popular and fantastic English Riviera album. With thirteen remixes of tracks appearing from that record, English Riviera Unreleased Remixes pretty much reworks the original into an even sweatier workout on the dance floor.

While remix albums are generally seen as either a cop out or a total hit and miss kind of affair, English Riviera Unreleased Remixes dodges those bullets like a super hero. For the most part English Riviera Unreleased Remixes is almost better than the original album. This is an album after all that is designed to make you move and make you move it does. The grooves come in from all directions and all varieties and it's a sweaty 50 minutes before you can catch your breath from everything you just encountered. What I'm wondering is why was Metronomy sitting on so many of these remixes? These aren't throwaway kind of tunes but full on peak time dance floor devouring beasts from the planet BPM. Whatever the reason, whatever the bribe was, I'm just glad that someone convinced (or paid) the band to release this record because it's darn well near essential listening.

From house to electro and the outer fringes of dub it's all here and packed neatly and tightly into one compact disc. English Riviera Unreleased Remixes is far from a write off. If you enjoyed the original version of English Riviera you'll find these thirteen remixes a necessary companion. DJ's, collectors, and electronic music aficionado’s will find English Riviera Unreleased Remixes a fantastic record packed to the rafters with awesome reworks of classics in the making. Produced to perfection and with enough electronic battle weaponry to conquer the globe Metronomy are once again poised to rule the floor.

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