Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Music From the Motion Picture Chronicle Is Super

Chronicle the movie seems to be like a lost episode of Heroes. Three boys stumble upon something mysterious that gives them superpowers. And like Spiderman they learn that with great power comes great responsibility...but being young and dumb it takes them a while to learn this. The album that corresponds with this movie Music From the Motion Picture Chronicle is also filled with great power...but it's power that has no responsibility just one heck of a punch.

Half the fun of listening to this album is to actually find where in the movie (if at all) the songs are used as it's always interesting to see how the producers were thinking when they chose the artists they chose for certain scenes. I’m not sure where the songs are yet, but the producers must have had their heads in the clouds as Chronicle features a host of artists that like the characters in the film have superpowers. From The Longcut to Deastro to Simian Mobile Disco, Congorock to Class Actress to M83 and a whole bunch in between this is an album that is packed with heavy hitters.

While I'm not sure how good the actual movie is/was I do know that the music from it is fantastic on its own right. It's so good, in fact, that Music From the Motion Picture Chronicle would stand on it's own two legs even if it were not attached to a blockbuster movie. And while these sorts of records usually contain a smattering of tracks that are any good Music From the Motion Picture Chronicle simply doesn't have one duff track. This is truly all killer and no filler. From the bedroom to the disco and back again, this is one album that takes you on a whirlwind trip of the current indie in electro scenes faster than a speeding bullet.

A fantastic compilation of cutting edge music that’s seemingly ahead of the curve Music From the Motion Picture Chronicle is the sort of thing you should buy regardless of what it’s designed to promote. It may not grant you super powers upon listening to it, it will give your ears a work out. For a soundtrack record…that’s pretty amazing.

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