Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Hit The Lights Are A Hit

Hit The Lights latest album Invicta is a soaring epic emotastic record that's so massive that stadiums would have a difficult time holding the songs contained herein. Say what you will about the genre but once bands tap into the Endless Meloditron 3000 it's almost impossible to look back. With vocals that are so harmonically perfect and songs that will quite literally melt young girls hearts Hit The Lights shine brighter than a 1000 suns.

Invicta is awesome for what it is...a clear example of how melody and harmony shape music and how with just one little hook you can reel in anyone. This album is filled with tons of such examples as the whole album is essentially one giant melody. Invicta is packed with the kinds of songs that will bring tears to the eyes of the broken hearted, depress those than can't handle love gone wrong, and have you wishing for a hug. Elevating all these harmonies and all this emotion are chunky guitar riffs, pounding drums, and driven basslines; it's all very crunchy, distorted stuff that contrasts with the vocals perfectly.

Hit the Lights ability to balance the heavy with the emotional is exceptional and Invicta’s songs reflect this ten times over. This record is packed with strong songs and mature musicianship and shows Hit The Lights developing into a monster of a band. This is a group that clearly knows how to play, write gargantuan songs, and melt the hearts of their female audience when needed. With its huge choruses, those soaring melodies, and incredibly large hooks there's so little wrong with Invicta it's not even worth mentioning. Invicta is easily one of the best emo records you'll hear all year.

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