Friday, February 17, 2012

Morning Parade Are The Hated & The Loved

Morning Parade's latest EP, The Hated & The Loved is a swirly, churning, and moody record that's got enough in common with Doves, older Elbow, and Friendly Fires where they should all have their guard up. These guys write anthemic and absolutely massive tunes that could fill up stadiums and they’ve pretty much done just that here. Guitars chime in with nuclear power and lift the vocals skyward in such a rapid ascent it's almost impossible to keep up with them.

The Hated & The Loved is massive. Its songs are widescreen and expansive and the sounds spread out across the songs and fill in every available gap with music. Moody and emotional, Morning Parade take gothic gloom and make it smile and shine; they turn that frown upside down. The Hated & The Loved is ridiculously catchy and heart wrenching stuff and I love it. From the soaring, "Us and Ourselves," to the angularity of, "Blue Winter," this is an awesome record that should be reverberating around stadiums throughout the world. Morning Parade is awesome at what they do and it's only a matter of time before the rest of the world finds this out.

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