Tuesday, February 14, 2012

The Rapture Sail Away

The latest Rapture single, Sail Away is so far away from the days of jealous lovers that it will make you wonder if they are indeed the same band. While the vocal prowess of Luke Jenner remains unchained you can tell that the hands of the DFA have pushed The Rapture along in all the best ways. Sail Away is an absolutely amazing single that's so huge and has such a massive repetitive hook that it will brainwash you.

Made up of four tracks; the original, a kind of useless instrumental version, the Aeroplane Vocal Remix, and Cut Copy's so amazing it will make your feet explode remix the single is thirty minutes of non-stop energy. Totally leaving the guitars in the studio, The Rapture have become enraptured by keyboards and embraced as much electronic equipment as they could get their hands on. While their post punk stuff will always hold a special place in my heart the DFA's influence over this band has made them invincible dance floor warriors. Sail Away is a perfect single that's mind numbingly catchy and so ridiculously danceable I challenge you not to move while it's playing. It can't be done.

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