Thursday, February 2, 2012

Water Liars Have A Phantom Limb

St. Louis via Mississippi's Water Liars are a fascinating study in contrasts. This two piece band takes Americana and roughs it up a bit with some old fashioned rock and roll and then records it on a five dollar tape recorder. Their songs are intimate and rough, raw and quiet, dark and light and it's those opposites that makes this record and this band fascinating. The results of this constant tussle for control and sound can be heard on their debut album Phantom Limb.

Originally, unplanned the album was recorded on a whim in three days with exactly one microphone. As you might expect, this record isn't polished or even produced very well; what it is though is just two guys having one heck of time making music. It's that honesty and that purity that makes listening to Phantom Limb tolerable because as you know I can’t stand folk. It of course helps, as well, that there are the odd moments of rock and roll respite which will remind you of old Black Keys or My Morning Jacket records.

Overall though, Water Liars have created a quiet, melancholic, and haunting Americana record that sounds just like it seems; a lo-fi jam between friends. Phantom Limb was a unique moment in time that's been captured on tape for everyone to enjoy. This is a record that illustrates the power of song and if you like dusty heartbroken acoustic tunes this is one record you need to own.

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