Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Dominant Legs Offer An Invitation

Dominant Legs started out as a duo between Hannah Hunt and Girls guitarist Ryan Lynch. They recorded on EP as a two piece but have recently expanded to a full band in an effort to accommodate the breadth of their debut album Invitation. Sounding like a world, folk, indie pop band fused together Dominant Legs mix a variety of dynamics rather effortlessly to come up with stuff that’s breezy, jangly, and pretty darn good.

At times reminding me of the Style Council or even Talking Heads, Dominant Legs seem to encapsulate several of the more obscure ends of 80's pop without even trying. Their airy, wispy songs float by on rays of sunshiny guitars, boy/girl vocals and the occasional worldly vibe. Invitation, as a result, is a thoroughly enjoyable album that's got so much spring in its step it's practically running.

Exuberant on the outside and quirky about love on the inside, Dominant Legs go their own way throughout Invitation and it’s a path you’ll want to follow. They've created a great album filled with whimsical, catchy, day glo pop that's as in lust with the 80's as it is in love with today. Ryan Lynch and Hannah Hunt's songwriting prowess is growing more confident and you can hear this as Invitation progresses. Their songs are catchy, dynamic, and embrace a variety of influences all while dressed in pastels.

I've taken Dominant Legs' Invitation and I'm glad I did. They throw one heck of a party and have one heck of an album here. If you were smart you’d RSVP to their Invitation and come along. You won't regret it.

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