Friday, February 10, 2012

Silicon Ballet Live In Utopia

Silicon Ballet are not a bunch of software engineers who dance in tutu's. No, this band is a sophisticated chamber pop group whose new release, Utopia is a beautiful work of ethereal art. With willowy songs, subtle hooks, and a feeling of warmth Utopia's six songs work their magic quickly and quietly without you knowing it.

Using a variety of instrumentation including but not limited to strings, bells, guitars, percussion of all kinds, whispered vocals and arty arrangements Silicon Ballet make songs that are quirky and slightly dark. Subtlety seems to play a huge part of what happens on the Utopia mini-album. Nothing jumps out and makes itself obvious, rather the sounds and songs creep around in the background gently making their ghostlike presence felt. The record is strangely haunting stuff that's lush, gorgeous, and just weird enough to pique your interest.

Utopia doesn't sound like it was recorded there. Instead, it's a chamber pop record with a dark secret that it doesn't want to tell. Silicon Ballet has created a mysterious and beautiful record whose mysteries may or may not be unveiled after repeat listens. If ever a band was an enigma...Silicon Ballet would be that band.

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  1. Treasure found. Worth a listen, worth to fall in love with.