Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Superman Lovers Groove Between The Ages

After a time away Guillaume Atlan has returned as his alter ego, Superman Lovers, and has apparently brought the party with him. Born in the 70's, in love with the 80's, and making music today, The Superman Lovers cross the space time continuum with synths and sequencers in hand and seek to get the party rockin’. This is one group who love a good dance party and that’s apparent on just about everything they produce. Their new album, Between The Ages is no different as it is a non-stop, never ending Friday night on the dance floor.

Between The Ages is a funky disco house record that explodes out of the gate and never stops getting down. The grooves and funk oozes out of every pore of every song here and it's so infectious that one listen and you are hooked. Sounding like Daft Punk, Calvin Harris, Green Velvet, and the Scissor Sisters all at the same time this is one record that's covered in day-glo sparkly grooves and it kicks like a mule. Awesome to the point of it not being able to be any more awesome, Between The Ages is a fantastic dance record that's so retro-futurist it's as if it were beamed down from the mothership.

Atlan as The Superman Lovers clearly knows how to bring the funk and he dishes it out by the ladle full throughout Between The Ages. This is one record that knows how to move and isn't afraid to show it. This is the funk and its excellent stuff. If you like your house funkified, discofied, electrofied, bright, and glittery Between The Ages is your album of the year.

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