Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Mean Creek Are Not Hemophiliacs

Mean Creek is a Bostonian band who take folk rock and post-grunge, smash those sounds together and come up with a fantastic collision of quiet/loud dynamics and huge songs. Their latest EP Hemophiliac is loaded with chunky riffs, boy/girl vocals, and songs which feel like aural rollercoasters. A bit like Bob Mould at times, Mean Creek write emotionally drenched songs that seem to rise and fall on waves of distorted, crunchy, and hazy guitar work. It's all pretty driving stuff that powers its way through each of the four songs that are here.

With the strong interplay between vocalists and those power chords churning away in the background Hemophiliac is powerful stuff that sounds like the best album I never got to play on college radio in 1993. There's an air of classicism about Mean Creek that I like. They've taken an angle and an approach and are slowly but surely manipulating it to make it their own. This is a band who I've heard over the course of two records master the quiet / loud dynamic and Hemophiliac is their latest playground in which to display their talents. And after listening to this about five times in a row, here's hoping the stumble into a bigger playground soon.

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