Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Underworld Issue A Collection and An Anthology

At this point in time if you don't know who Underworld is...you seriously are in need of a cultural shot straight to the ears. Pretty much defining the sound of stadium techno in the mid to late 90's Underworld were arguably the most recognizable face in dance music. Now twenty years into their illustrious career the band are poised to be the musical curators of the 2012 Olympic Games in London and have just released not one but two greatest hits collections; one an anthology and one a summarized collection. The albums gather all the songs you know and maybe even a couple of mixes or versions you don't and when listened back to back to back you have one mega mega party that could quite literally go on forever.

A Collection is a single disc rundown of the band's biggest hits and contains edited, radio friendly versions of those songs. In addition to the old classics recent collaborations with High Contrast & Tiesto as well as Brian Eno also make an appearance. If ever there was a perfect record this would be it. Underworld, over the course of this record, show time and time again why they are as gargantuan as they are. The group has constantly created songs that are as catchy as they are moving and there probably isn't a person alive who listens to dance music that doesn't know the refrain, "Lager! Lager! Lager!" From "Born Slippy," to "Two Months Off," it's all here in shortened form. While some songs are conspicuously absent on A Collection they do appear on the multi-disc anthology that’s also just been released.

Expectedly perfect and absolutely brilliant, A Collection is a solid introduction to one of the most loved and important groups in all of dance music. While the anthology is the collection I would purchase, A Collection serves as a great rundown for people who don't really need (or can't handle) nine minute versions of songs. This is radio friendly awesomeness of the highest order. Having listened to this quite a bit I'm left anxiously awaiting the Olympics not because of the sport but because I'm hoping Underworld turn the opening ceremonies into the largest rave ever. That would be "Mega Mega!"

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