Friday, February 10, 2012

Avan Lava's Flex Fantasy

Avan Lava knows how to get down. This three piece band have worked as producers, composers, mixers, stage performers and clearly know their way around the dance floor and they're only to proud to show that off. Their latest EP Flex Fantasy is an excursion into 80's electro funk that at times is reminiscent of Prince and at others sounds like Daft Punk thirty years ahead of schedule. It's awesome stuff.

Complete with falsetto vocals, thumping bass lines, funky as all heck guitar riffs, hooks larger than Texas, and the ability to make everyone move at the same time Flex Fantasy is a groove laden slice of perfection. It's retro-future funk that's from the best Classic Jamz station on the radio from 1985. Avan Lava has got the funk and it's overflowing here in that keytar and parachute pants 80's kind of way. Completely over the top, ridiculously catchy, and so dancey that you'll be breakdancing to this whether you want to or not, Flex Fantasy reminds me of every junior high dance I went to.

Flex Fantasy is a six song groovy treat that only begins to hint how good Avan Lava is. Here's hoping there's a full length somewhere in the near my feet are having a hard time coping with only six songs.

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