Friday, February 17, 2012

PAPA Is The Lion King

PAPA's latest single I Am The Lion King Reworked & Remixed is four songs or rock and soul taken out on the dance floor and let go. Consisting of four blindingly good tracks, I Am The Lion King Reworked & Remixed takes a bit of Jersey rock, electronics, and catchy chords combines them together and creates a jangly tune that reaches for the heavens with an open heart and just about gets there. The song itself is a romantic ode to longing after someone you love and how you'll just about do anything to making the longing become a reality. It's the sort of song that just about everyone can relate to.

Musically, PAPA kill it w/their version but the song is made unearthly and absolutely epic by St. Lucia who wash the tune in lush synths, 80's funk, and subtle beats making the song so heartbreakingly brilliant you'll be reaching to call your significant other by it's conclusion. Other remixes come from A Lull who ramp up the drums and lower the lush quotient turning it into a minimal nearly ambient work. Closing the single out is New Villager's remix which chills the song out a tad, removes most of the vocals and just lets the music flow; it's sunshiny stuff that has Balearic written all over it. All in all this is a ridiculously good single and what's truly amazing about it is you can get it for free off of their Facebook page. Hop to it people!

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