Friday, February 17, 2012

The Maxines & Mount Eerie Are Single Again

Fresh off the presses are two brand spanking new singles from the fine folks at the mighty K Records. Straight from the International Pop Underground come The Maxines and Mount Eeerie who have just released two scorchers on vinyl and as a service to you our readers here we go with a little run down of both...

Up first are The Maxines. The Maxines play raw garage rock and roll with loads of chunky riffs, screamed choruses and a ridiculous amount of catchiness. There's nothing complicated, nothing glossy, nothing even professional on Drugstore. This is pure rock and roll being distilled without a filter and it kills. The whole single clocks in at less than eight minutes and gets down with its bad self four times over. Drugstore is awesome stuff whose power pop ploughs through the DIY production and rough edges here. If you like garage rock head on down to the Drugstore and hang out with The Maxines.

On the other end of the spectrum is Mount Eerie who constantly seem like they're lost in a dream. Their self titled 7" on K's Dub Narcotic Soundsystem imprint is a hazy cloudy pop record that's the first thing released from these guys in seven years. As the label name would seem to imply, this is a dubbed out, tripped out record whose sounds reverberate all over the place. If you can imagine lo-fi Andrew Weatherall productions with whispers for vocals you've got this record pegged. If there's such a thing as a post-hangover record I would have to say that Mount Eerie may have just released the ultimate one and this is a welcome return from a long resident of the K stable.

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