Friday, February 17, 2012

Kendl Winter Studies the Mechanics Of Hovering Flight

Holy mother of folk music.  If you thought Ruby Fray was rustic and countrified you should hear Kendl Winter.  This singer songwriter, who has a penchant for birds and flight, has constructed a pastoral and picturesque record that's austere and slightly twee.  Entitled The Mechanics of Hovering Flight the album is an ornithological delight set in the mountains of Washington State. 
Hovering between the realms of bluegrass and proper folk music, The Mechanics of Hovering Flight is a beautiful, woodsy album that's lost in traditional sounds and was probably recorded without any actual electrical input.  Utilizing a loop pedal, acoustic guitars, banjos and a piano Kendl lilts along in her songs creating captivating melodies that are warm and homey.  The Mechanics of Hovering Flight is really at its best when there are banjos being plucked and the pace picks up a bit; the bluegrass tinged songs seem uplifting and nearly spiritual in their aspirations and really grab hold of your heart.
A truly beautiful record; The Mechanics of Hovering Flight is simple in its approach and deep in its roots.  Mixing bluegrass, folk and even country at times Kendl Winter mesmerizes with her rustic style and nearly twee songs.  This is the sound of the simple life and it's heartwarmingly brilliant.

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