Monday, February 27, 2012

The Shrouded Strangers Are Lost Forever

The Shrouded Strangers are a rather bizarre little group of psychedelic loving folk, who may or may not be hillbillies. Recorded in the woods of Guerneville, California Lost Forever is a lo-fi drunken stupor of backwoods tales through undeveloped land. It's a crazy un-produced record that I'm not quite sure I like.

This is a fuzzed out, tripped out; hallucinogenic record that feels like it was pieced together utilizing duct tape, broken instruments, magic mushrooms, and loads of booze. It doesn't make much sense, it sounds like it could fall apart at any minute and listening to it might or might not generate some sort of contact high. With Lost Forever being so weird and so out there the songs seem to be, um, lost forever. There are melodies in these songs but you'll need a search dog to find them because they're out there in the woods somewhere.

Lost Forever is a bizarre ride through the boondocks of music fueled by something that probably isn't legal. It's a psychedelic hillbilly hoedown that hides it's musicality in its weirdness and lack of production. This was just a hard record to get into because it seemed so lost (sorry...I had to) in the haze that any potential for something to latch onto was missing. The Shrouded Strangers might actually be lost forever and it begs the question if a band records and album in the woods and no one hears it...are they still a band?

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